Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Quote

Be Fearless. It's one of my new phrases that I say to myself on a regular basis. There's nothing like setting some big goals to invoke a dose of fear. Fear can be a strong indicator that you're onto something worth pursuing. On the flip side, it tends to trip us up when that 'out of the comfort zone' feeling creeps in, often leading us to run the other way.

The other night I was polishing furniture [stay with me, I really am going somewhere with this] and was determined to have some fun with it since this is typically not a chore I enjoy. This shift in thinking, had me rearranging treasures, which ushered in new energy and helped to bring a different perspective to old beliefs.

When fear creeps in, why not meet it with,

'Be brave. Be bold. Be different. Risk succeeding.' - Nicole Levy

Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's an at home with the sniffles kind of day. In between cups of tea, bowls of soup and naps with the dog, I'm soothing and feeding my mind as much as possible to keep it nourished and content [sitting around and nursing a cold, was not on the to-do list]. This means slowly making my way through the stack of magazines and books that have been accumulating on the coffee table. 

It's not often that I read my horoscope and not because I don't believe in the practice, but rather due to all of those seemingly bogus horoscopes out there. You know the ones. They say you'll meet the love of your life on the 19th, an epic fight will occur on the 30th and don't wear red until next month. They sound more like a random psychic reading pulled out of hat rather than an actual horoscope. 

And then there are those horoscopes that are so spot on, it's hard to believe. In the past few weeks, I've been working on defining six month, one-to-three year and three-to-five year goals. Not an easy task. I've gone around and around on this the goal setting merry go round. Altogether now, can we say 'dizzy'? 

Although I've made considerable progress in the past day or so, I know it's a process that will ebb and flow, but 'stumbling' across my latest horoscope, from a reputable source, has brought some peace to the process. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Late Bloomers

Late bloomers seems to be a reoccurring theme here. The end of last week it was sunflowers, this week the lavender is surprising me with it's late in the season blooms. Does this happen every year and I don't even notice? [please don't answer that]

Clearly these late bloomers have my attention. The more I sit quietly with nature, the more I realize how it's speaking to me. Telling me it's okay to be what I call 'a late bloomer.' Nature is full of them. They are beautiful and on their right path at their right time. 

Oh how I have been looking for answers, that all along have been at my doorstep. Perhaps it's time for a new ritual. Tea time with nature. To sit and sip with her, to listen and to drink in her wisdom.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Quote

Sunflowers in October? Yes, please. During my morning errands I came across two fields of these late bloomers. Or at least what I believe to be late bloomers. But, really, who am I to say they're late? They're here and just perfect in my eyes. 

They were growing next to a pumpkin patch, so naturally I could barely contain my excitement. The lady working the farm stand came over to see if I was okay. She walked away clearly puzzled by my zealous picture taking.  

You see, there's this quote I've been planning to share with you today and yet I was just about convinced, given the time of year, I wasn't going to find just the right photo of a blooming flower. And yet, the universe provided exactly what I was looking for in the middle of what I perceived to be a mundane morning. 

'And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk to bloom.' - Anais Nin 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Oh October. Graceful. Enchanting. Captivating. If there was only one month to love in forever, it would be yours.

The chill in the air means nesting, decorated front porches and warm hearty meals by the fire. You also bring walks through the orchard for apples and a chance to touch your beauty. But let's not forget the real show stopper. Those colorful leaves. After all, they make each outing a view to behold.

Your sun kissed colored leaves surround us. They rustle under foot, simultaneously releasing their distinctive and reassuring dried smell. Leaves swirl in the wind one minute and then the next, slowly fall through the air to become one with Mother Earth once more. And then there are the ones who hang on to their strong rooted trees, as if waiting to be admired by all that pass.

You are a reminder to connect with the richness and splendor of this place we call home. Let us soak in your gifts and store them for the winter ahead.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

A perfect autumn afternoon is what we had at one of the local pick your pumpkin patches. Happiness runs deep when you put me in a pumpkin patch. It's magical, the lure that is has and yet, where does that magic stem from? 

It could have been the country roads, winding our way there, seeing the small valley in the middle of the mountains, sitting there open and free, where community gathers with friendly faces to harvest the bounty. A brief moment in time not to be missed. 

Or maybe it's the  way children and adults alike marvel over the pumpkins, exploring the field in search of just the right pumpkin to put on the porch or that special one needed for carving. Each one beautiful in it's own way. 

Or it could be how fleeting and gorgeous this time of year is. Blink and it's over, but to experience it, is like walking in a dream, fully present to all that is before you. 

Wherever it comes from, we were soon taken over by the spell it casts. Walking from one area of the farm to the next, brought about talk of planting for next season, creating our own mini farm and what it must be like to actually live on one. There is no denying how we would love to grow a pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkins change the landscape, and not just the one we walk through. 

It's more than their vibrant color, the texture, the variety and all the things that can be done with them to help us connect to the season.  There's something else there too in a pumpkin, in those tiny little seeds that grow into these beauties. It really is magical.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Quote

You know when you learn a new word and then all of sudden you hear it everywhere? Well, that's how it's been for me when it comes to the works of Tasha Tudor. I've fallen in love with the idea of how she lived her life, her perspectives and her work. It is all so captivating to me and to discover a quote from a woman who had the pleasure of meeting her, was almost like meeting her myself.   

'Tasha Tudor may be simply one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. A world renowned illustrator and author, Tasha is not only an artist, but lives her life as a work of art. She has created around her a world that is uniquely her own, and its so filled with magic and delight that it enchants all who have had the great good fortune to be invited into it.' - Rosemary Gladstar 

As I nest this fall, this quote lingers in my mind, reminding me to create a world, uniquely my own.