Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa's Elves

They are everywhere this time of year and I am honored to be chosen to be one of them. There's a little guy in our family who really, really would like a real live dolphin for Christmas. With Santa busy in his workshop, I was asked to write a letter for this special request.

Dear Carter,

Ho Ho Ho! It makes me and Mrs. Claus so happy knowing you have been a good boy this year. You’ve done a very good job helping to take care of your dog, Tonka. He is lucky to have you.                                                                                                                        
I’ve made a list and checked it twice - it says you would like a dolphin for Christmas. Dolphins are playful, funny and smart. I can see why you would ask for one. Dolphins need saltwater to live and sadly your lake is not saltwater. I talked to a dolphin friend of mine and he has agreed to be your forever special dolphin. His name is Coconut and I’ve told him all about you. He wanted you to have a picture of him. Talk to him often. He’ll be listening for you. Caring for Coconut while he lives in the ocean is an important job and I know you will do well. Thank you for loving the dolphins Carter.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding Peace

Each holiday season I tend to pick a theme, sometimes without even realizing it. For a few years it was 'hope'. Last year it was 'joy'. This year without a doubt it's 'peace'. World peace would be nice, but I'm starting with inner peace. Really, is there any better place to start? 

Recent stress is taking its toll on my inner peace and state-of-mind. It's a funny thing, stress. It has a tendency to creep in slowly, gaining ground and if you don't keep your eye on it, it hits hard. With all the changes going on around me its time to take it slow. For me, this means, stepping away from the iPhone, Facebook, and all those other techie ways I tend to 'unwind' in the evening and in quieter moments and finding more peaceful ways to spend my time. 

Tonight, I came home to a card from a dear friend. Upon opening I had to giggle, because the exact same card came in the mail Saturday from another dear friend. To me, its a wink from above and a special message that needs to be listened to. There was a small recipe card on the inside of the card that reads: 

Healing With Love and Time

2 pounds of passage of time 
1 cup of acceptance 
3 drops of sweet memories 
4 tbs. full of hope and faith 
2 cups of patience 
Tears as needed 

Calm, prayers and smiles

A note from the chef: move gently through the days. Be good to yourself. 

Along with mixing these ingredients I'll be spending my evenings lighting candles, eating warm comforting meals, soaking in the tub, cuddling with Jax-the-Dog, and creating an all around quiet place to bring peace back into my life just in time for the holidays and New Year.