Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reed Diffusers

For years now, I have been buying reed diffusers for the house and giving them as gifts. My family teases me that I'm the single hand promoter of them and I kid you not for a while I was starting to wonder if this could be true since I wasn't finding them on the shelves anymore. Just recently they seem to be making a comeback and at the same time, the light bulb went off saying, 'Little darlin' save your money, you can make these at home.'

This was an easy peasy project, that anyone can do with some simple ingredients - most of which you may already have on hand. 
Ingredient List
:: Glass Jars with Narrow Tops 
::Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka 
:: Water
:: 24 Drops of Essential Oil per Jar
:: Fresh Herbs, Citrus Zest or even Cinnamon Sticks
:: Bamboo Sewers 

Fill each jar with a three-to-one ratio of water to rubbing alcohol (or vodka). Approximately a quarter of the jar should be left empty [you'll want room for the other ingredients and you want to be careful the liquid isn't close to the top in case the jar gets bumped, it won't easily spill]. Here's the fun part, mix in the fresh ingredients [if you want] with essential oils of your choice. 

Some combinations include: 
:: Lavender essential oil with fresh zested lemon
:: Lemon essential oil with fresh rosemary 
:: Vanilla essential oil with cinnamon sticks 
:: Pine and vanilla essential oils

Once you've added the essential oils and other fresh ingredients into the jars, take 6-8 skewers for large jars [trim to size if they seem too tall] and stir until everything is mixed well. Flip skewers and place jars throughout the house. 

These can also be made in small glass spray jars and used as an aromatherapy sprays. These small spray bottles also make them easily portable to locations such as the office. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Quote

'Nature is such a great teacher for us on how to live in harmony with the cycles of life. It does not matter whether you live in an urban environment or in the country. Nature is everywhere. All of life is changes during the shifts of the seasons. We are connected to the web of life and we are changing too.' Sandra Ingerman

May your autumn be filled with the blessings of the season. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sustainable Beauty

As I settle into the week and reflect more on the retreat at Omega, Sustainable Beauty from the Farm, with Farmaesthetics and Brenda Brock, the feeling of gratitude overwhelms me. Gratitude for the universe giving me multiple signs about the need to attend this workshop, gratitude towards Brenda and her team for all their gifts [these ladies are truly lovely], and gratitude for being ready to take all of it in -- to be fully present and mindful. 

The weekend was similar to gathering with your favorite ladies around the kitchen table for a meaningful chat about how to nourish body, mind and soul. This meant time spent making bases for natural skin care products, learning techniques and resources from a multitude of disciplines and lots of sharing. Oh, how abundant this sharing was. From herbs, to essential oils, to old wives tales and more, there wasn't a moment where something wasn't being taught  by either Brenda and her team or from the class itself. 

As one student said, "something is bound to happen when a group of women gather like this." And happen it did. Freely, without judgement and reservation. I can't honestly recall being in an environment with this many women where cards weren't held close, at least to some degree. All sense of competition seemed to be non-existent with the belief that there is a loving plan for all and enough success to go around, not for just a few chosen ones.

This approach to teaching and being in the presence of so much love and talent opened a part of me that I had started to close, making me realize where more of my energy needs to be spent. 

How tending, making and connecting with a community, other women, the seasons, and myself begs to be cultivated more deeply, honored and sustained as a rhythm as natural as my heartbeat.

'Women play a vital role in the enlightenment and upliftment of a moral society. Their power grows from their investment in preserving the sacred ways of nature. It is this power that makes women the great educators, guides, instructors, and nourishers...At this axial time in the history of the earth, it is imperative that women reclaim and resume their roles as nurturers, healers, and the healed.' - Maya Tiwari 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Omega Institute

This weekend I had the privilege of spending three days at the serene Omega Institute with inspiring, beautiful [inside and out], accomplished women from near and far. 

Upon arriving, the late afternoon, warm September light was just as perfect as it gets. I ran around like a kid at Disney trying not to miss a thing and capturing as much of it as I could. It seemed as though each corner of the property was meant for quiet reflection and discovery. 

From the garden structures and attention to detail on the smallest of things... the strategically placed chairs throughout the property.... the paths meant for quiet walks in which to reflect and ponder, it was a filling weekend that presented more gifts than I imagined it would.

New friends, ideas and all sorts of plans are swirling around, jotted down in notebooks and folded corners of book pages are all looking to come together to support those brave next steps that are just waiting to be taken. 

As I settle in this week and get my bearings, I'll be back to share the other part of this adventure. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Lake

The past two years, around this time, I've spent it lakeside, soaking up the last bit of what summer has to offer and watching fall make her way in. And this year is no different. 

Our trip to the lake last week was filled with days on the water, lounging on the porch and walking the beach all with a book close by or in hand.   

Summer sparkled her way into a good couple of days, showing off her brilliance. Her sparkles, dancing on the water, get me every time. When I think of summer, it's an image that quickly comes to mind.

It's not a trip in our house without the animal encounter of some sort. We seek them out and vice versa. This sweet little fella, came aboard, looking for treats and brought a whole gaggle of friends with him. Right in the middle of the lake we were surrounded by begging ducks looking for a snack, which they of course, were not denied. 

Summer sure did meet fall though on our last night during a battle I won't soon forget. The storm that made it's way across the lake was fierce and we loved every minute of it. From the lightning, to the thunder and the chill in the air - it was spectacular.

That night I bid summer farewell and I'm one hundred percent ready to be seduced by all that autumn will bring. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Quote

Holy MIA! Where oh where does the time go?! We've been away and back (pictures to come) and I'm just settling back into the rhythm of our days. Oh these sweet, sweet days I'm seeking... much time as I can get with my guys....
 ...quiet ways to play....
...peaceful moments.... 
....and simple abundance. 

'Let the beauty you love be what you do. There's a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.' Rumi

Monday, September 2, 2013


Oh September, you can be compared to a sweet child. Warm and good natured, just trying to please everyone. Warm days and quiet, cool nights with a hint of the majestic beauty, soon to come.

Your days can make one yearn to learn new things, to create comfortable routines and to do a little nesting along with making wholesome food.

And yet, these are just some of your gifts.